Frantoio Venturino Bartolomeo Srl

30 September 2015

Pesto’s 2015 sales campaign ended.

Pesto’ s 2015 sales campaign ended with very successful results both in terms of quantity and quality. Venturino use only Basilico Genovese PDO (protected deisgnation of origin) that purchases from historycal and qualified suppliers that operates in the Albenga and Andora area and use the most modern and sofisticated technology for the sowing, the safeguard and the harvesting of the basil.
The weather conditions that characterised the summer of 2015 (the increase in the average temperature and low rainfall) prevented the birth of the Peronospora Belbahrii, the fungus that has negatively conditioned the 2014 campaign.
The harvesting of Basil is usually from the middle of June to the half way trough September

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