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The History of Venturino

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Bartolomeo Venturino founded the Oil Mill and starts the today’s farm, with “Cultivar Taggiasca” olives.

The History of Venturino

1975: Valter (Bartolomeo’s son), having completed his studies, began to provide his valuable contribution to the growth of the family businness. This is the year of the birth of Venturino Bartolomeo brand

1990 : the first bottling line gets implemented and the Company makes its first entry in the Modern Italian Distribution (Esselunga)

1998 : the first packing line of the preserves get implemented in a building next to the old oil mill.

1999 : Tiziano and Alessandro (Valter’s sons) join the company, giving immediate demostration of passion and dedication to the work, and respect for the achievements of their father and grandfather

1999-2000 : Frantoio Venturino has been one of the first companies in Western Liguria to obtain the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Riviera Ligure for Its Extra Virgin olive oil

2003 : the construction of the new factory begins in via Molini 1 , then opened in 2005. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, of which 3,200 covered, it operates with 3 olive oil bottling lines and 1 production   line for the preserves.

2010 : work begins to add an additional 3200 square meters and the implementation of a production line of pesto from fresh basil in order to be able to have full control of all the processing stages

2015 : the inauguration of the second production line of the preserves with a production capacity of 10,000 jars per hour


The Oil Mill

The Oil Mill

Venturino Family starts to produce extra virgin oil in 1945 in an old watermill, a classic building called “Gumbo” where the manual skill was the essential part of the miller job.

“I still remember, even if I was just little more than a child, the ritual of those gestures that my father Bartolomeo made to be able to extract that excellent oil from the Taggiasca olives, the rustle of the big wheel, moved by the water of the pipe that makes the heavy querns made of Colombina stone move and that, little by little, with their heavyness and slow mixing process created the right mixture, that was then squashed under the wood press machine in the ancient round disks made of coconut fibers”. (Valter Venturino)

In the 60’s the first transformation. The electric current has taken the place of  hydropower, but substantially the job and the manual skill remains the same. In the 90’s,  technology has taken the place of manual skills with stainless steel modern machines, millers keep doing cold extraction to obtain this precious taggiasca olive’s nectar.

Today the oil mill is composed of 3 bottling lines that process around 7200 hundred kilos of cultivar taggiasca olives equal to a production of 1600 hundred kilos of extra virgin olive oil.

The Prouctive site

The Prouctive site

Venturino family has always operate with an industrial logic directed to modernize and strenghten the productive structure, reinvesting net profits in the company.

The new Mill in via Molini 1,  whose building works started in 2003, was inaugurated in 2005 and covers 20000 square meters of which 3200 covered, where 3 oil bottling lines and 1 preserves line were operating. In 2010 a further building expansion with additional 3000 square meters and a new pesto (from fresh basil) line production is implemented, using only Basilico Genovese PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).
In 2015 a further investment has been made with a second preserves line with a productive capacity of 10000 jars per hour.
The two preserves lines ensures high flexibility (both in terms of packaging format and productive run) , maximum efficiency and possibility to manage important orders like PL of national and international GDO.
The company pays great attention to the safeguard of the raw material’s natural flavor , therefore olives are pressed within 24 hours of  harvesting and Basil is transformed in semifinished and pesto within a few hours after its arrival.
The factory has certifications :

IFS higher level

(for extra virgin olive oil)


Our Mission

Our aim is to exploit the best of
our territory, the western Liguria